Joy in My Heart
music & lyrics - S. Butcher

I got nothing but joy in my heart
just watch as I start to reveal it
Like the rays of sun that rise in the morn
there’s just no way to conceal it
You may have your doubts but just trust
and I know you will feel it

I got nothing but a spring in my step
and I know it has kept me together
Helped me skip across patches of ice
that have formed during inclement weather
Those clouds may be dark
but they’ll move on the wind like a feather

Take time to stop and smell the roses
It’s all mine this garden full of life
So fine to hear the sounds around me
They’re all that I need in this world

I got nothing but a song in my voice
and I know it’s a choice that was given
By the scores of those who came before
who have struggled and fought and forgiven
Their message was clear
“Let’s rejoice in this life that we’re living!”